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Why Volunteer?

Reasons to volunteer at the Laurentian Women's Centre Include:

  • To provide a safe, confidential place for women to seek resources, solutions and to make informed choices

  • To be in a positive, collaborative, woman-friendly environment

  • To become a member of the Women's Centre Collective, where members have equal voices in the decisions and policies of the centre

  • To educate and raise campus awareness of all forms of discrimination including both overt and systemic

  • To expand knowledge and perspectives of feminism and its interplays on campus, in our communities and within society as a whole.

  • To promote women-centred events on campus and within the community

  • For skill enhancement and network building within Laurentian University and Greater Sudbury organizations such as CKLU, the Violence Intervention and Prevention Program and the Resau ACCESS Network 

  • To join campus committees such as the Presidential Advisory Committee on Gender Equality or as the Women's Centre Commissioner for the student associations such as the AEF (Association des etudiant(e)s francophones) or the SGA (Students General Association)

  • To bring women together by participating in discussion groups hosted within the centre

  • To be empowered to create your own positive changes to campus

Interested in Volunteering?

Thanks for Applying!

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